Wireless Burglar Alarms installed in Derby

Our Enforcer Wireless Alarm is a multi-award winning system designed to deliver the highest quality in technology and features while ensuring a tidy and mess free installation.  

This is a high spec Wireless home alarm has a huge list of features and benefits including Smartphone App access to monitor and control your system.  

The lack of wiring to detectors makes for a quick and tidy installation with no mess, no need to chase out walls or disturb decoration and no need to lift carpets.  

I could spend hours telling you all about the features of this alarm system, 

  • the two way wireless connections, 
  • Wifi or GPRS connectivity, 
  • Grade 2 installation and compatibility 
  • Pet Immune Detectors
  • Wireless Arming

or I could talk about the  benefits 

  •  fully protected home that can notify you anywhere in the world about an intrusion, 
  • let you know that your kids have come home from school
  • the ability to check your system is armed after you have left for work and can't remember.
  • Give access to your cleaner or check that the dog walker has taken the dog out but

 I think the best endorsement is that I have one of these systems protecting my own home and would not choose anything else.  

If you would like more information or a free quote please call Ben on 07909833076