Derby has all the Hot Tubs!

Do you need a Hot Tub connecting? Its full on Hot Tub season, in the last 3 weeks I have installed teh electrical wiring for 3 Hot Tubs and quoted another 4 all in Derby! There are a few things to think about when getting a Hot Tub, power output, earthing requirements and also how awesome its going to be in your back garden. I have a few easy rules for follow when thinking about ta hot tub.  1. Don't run an extension lead.  This might sound obvious


Two new vans. Beep if you see us in Derby!

Two new vans for Electrical Innovations.  Beep if you see us in Derby! This month we took delivery of 2 new vans to replace our old lease vans The Transit turned up in the Snow and the Partner turned up in the first day of sunshine so far this year! 


The Screwfix Pencil

The Screwfix pencil is a tool like no other.  Small but perfectly formed.  Discrete yet leaves its mark.  A perfect price point.

Using the Screwfix pencil will change your life, make you more productive and liked by your colleagues.