Solar PV Battery and EV Charging

Charge your car for free.

From the sun…

It sounds like we are living in the future but this technology is available right now .

Its called Solar PV Battery and EV Charging and we can install it for you.

A recent job that we carried out was to add an EV charge point to an existing solar PV system.

Solar PV with Battery Storage

Our customer was planning to have a battery storage system installed and contacted us for the electrical installation.

Part of this job was to upgrade the consumer unit and install an EV charge point to take advantage of all that glorious sunshine being harnessed in his battery storage unit.

My Energi Zappi

The perfect EV Charger for this system was the My Energi Zappi.

The Zappi was designed with the idea of using Solar to charge your car so is the perfect EV charge point for this situation.

The EV Charge Point itself will show you what is being produced and stored.  The companion app will also have a detailed display of your energy usage.


How it all works with Solar PV Battery and EV Charging.

While at the job we made a video to show how the Zappi EV point can direct the energy produced by the panels into the car if needed.

Upgrading the electrical installation.

While it’s not always required to upgrade the electrical installation, our customer wanted everything brought up to current standards and beyond.

This is usually the the right way to do things when having a major system upgrade.

We installed a 19+1 Lewden RCBO consumer unit with Surge protection and individual RCBO devices.

One of the advantages of the Zappi is that is has an intergrated RCD. This means that your circuit only needs to have an MCB to protect it.

If you are considering Solar PV Battery and EV Charging then speak to us about your options.  We can help you choose and install the perfect system for your home.