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Embracing the EV wave isn’t just a nod to modern driving; it’s a stride towards shaping a sustainable commute. With EVs gaining traction, ensure your home or business isn’t left behind. Why tether yourself to scarce public chargers when you can have a personalised station on your doorstep?

Our OZEV-approved EV charging point installations promise convenience, efficiency and a seamless transition into the electric era. Make the most of your EV with Electrical Innovations, boosting your eco-credentials and daily convenience. The road to a sustainable future beckons. Plug in with us today.

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Why invest in home or work EV charging points?

Electric vehicles represent the future of driving, combining innovation with an eco-conscious mindset. Installing an EV charge point at your home or workplace fosters a culture of sustainable transport.

Consider the ease of charging overnight at home or ensuring your vehicle is ready post-work, eliminating the scramble for public charge points. Maybe it’s about maximising your EV’s efficiency or enjoying the convenience of a personal charging station?

Whatever fuels your electric ambitions, lean on our expertise to integrate charging points into your daily routine. Having an EV charge point is more than just powering up; it’s driving forward into an eco-friendly future. Ready to take the lead in green mobility?

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Frequently asked questions

Whatever your charging needs, remember that a smooth, efficient EV experience begins with the proper infrastructure. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Check out our FAQs for more information…

Having your own EV charging point means you can conveniently charge your vehicle overnight, ensuring it’s ready to go when you are. Home charging can also be more cost-effective than public charging, especially when you tap into off-peak electricity rates.

The installation process usually takes around half a day, although this can vary based on the complexity of your specific setup and electrical infrastructure.

Absolutely. Chargers are categorised by their power output as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 (DC fast charging). Level 2 chargers are the most popular for home installations as they offer faster charging times compared to Level 1 and are more affordable than Level 3.

Most modern EV chargers are universal, fitting many electric vehicles. However, confirming the charger’s compatibility with your vehicle model before installation is always wise.

The OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) approval indicates that the charger meets specific standards set by the UK Government. OZEV-compliant chargers may qualify you for Government grants, helping reduce the installation cost.

For most homeowners, you won’t need planning permission as the installation falls under ‘permitted development’ rules. However, it’s worth checking with your local planning authority if you live in a listed building or a conservation area.

Home EV charge points are designed with safety in mind. They come with features like ground-fault protection and weatherproofing. When installed by our professionals, you can be assured of a safe charging environment. Regular maintenance checks further ensure safety.

Yes, as the transition to electric vehicles accelerates, having an EV charger can enhance the appeal of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers who own or plan to buy an electric vehicle.

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Navigating the roads of tomorrow means embracing electric innovation today. Your shift to an electric vehicle is not just a change in drive but a commitment to a cleaner, greener journey. Since your choice reflects a forward-thinking approach, ensuring your home or business mirrors this sentiment is essential.

Our expertise in EV charge point installations ensures you’re always powered up and ready to go. It’s more than just convenient; it’s about crafting a sustainable path in every drive you take. Propel yourself into the future. Let’s drive the change together.