How much does it cost to have an outside socket installed

outside socket

How much does it cost to have an outside socket installed is a question we are asked all the time.

We are more than happy to share our pricing up front so we put together this guide about what it might cost to have an outside socket fitted.

In this video I talk about the costs, including how much we charge and what can change the price. I also cover what is involved from a regulations point of view that can make things cost a little more and upgrades may be required.

What are the main factors involved with fitting an outside socket?

When having an outside socket installed the main thing the might have an impact on the price is the location.

The materials costs for an outside socket is fairly low, so you are paying for the time it takes for one of our qualified electricians to carry out the works.

Ideally the new socket is to be positioned behind, or close to, and internal socket.

Another main factor is the condition of the existing electrical installation. It may be the case that improvements are required to bring the circuit up to the latest standards.

if you want a socket to be in the garden, rather than on the wall of the house, this could lead to additional costs. The reason for this is the work involved getting a cable to your new socket location. In addition to the costs of the cable

How long should it take to have an outside socket fitted

The answer to this question depends entirely on the job! To install an outside socket back to back with a socket outlet on the inside of the house is is around an hours work. We price all our jobs on a fixed rate and vary rarely offer an hourly rate. So when you use us for your electrical works you know the price quoted is the price you will pay.

Example Outside Socket jobs and Prices

To give you a further idea of how much does it cost to have an outside socket installed here are some examples.

The job in the photo below was part of a larger installation. We added sockets inside and outside of a summer house down the bottom of a garden.

This involved running an armoured cable for 30 meters to a new consumer unit in the office room. From there we fitted lighting and power inside and out. The entire job was around £1500

We recently carried out a simple outside socket job were we could drill though form the back of an inside socket and fit the new one on the outside. This is the most basic of outside socket installations as there were no other works required. All the existing electrics were up to date. The total for this work was £150

The job in the photo below was a new patio area. we ran an armoured cable around a fence and fitted a single outside socket to a post. The price of this job was £300

If you are having outside sockets upgraded and have been asking yourself how much it might cost, you might also want to check out our post on the prices of Outside Lighting.