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Nest thermostat installation in Derby

Elevate your home’s intelligence and comfort with our specialised Nest thermostat installation service

Are you ready to embrace the future of home heating? Transitioning to a Nest smart thermostat can seem daunting, yet the rewards are profound. Nest offers control, convenience and intelligent heating solutions tailored for you.

But, the magic truly unfolds when expertly integrated into your living space.
Choosing our trusted Nest installation ensures seamless integration, maximising the benefits of this smart technology. Let us make your home more intuitive, efficient and in sync with your lifestyle.

Step into tomorrow’s sustainable heating technology today – contact us.

Smart control at your fingertips

How a Nest thermostat will transform your Derby home

Upgrading to a Nest smart thermostat isn’t just about modern aesthetics; it’s a commitment to intelligent, sustainable, energy-efficient living. Elevate your living experience with a touch of smart technology. Embrace the game-changing benefits of our Nest installation service, which include:


Control your heating from anywhere, be it your cosy bed or miles away from home

Energy efficiency

Reduced heating bills through smart technology that learns and adapts


An easy-to-use system that takes the complexity out of heating controls


Nest learns and auto-adjusts to your preferences throughout the day


Remote monitoring allows you to ensure your home’s heating is working as it should

Professional integration

As registered Nest Pro installers, we ensure optimal setup for maximised benefits

Smart living, simplified

Why is Nest a game-changer?

Imagine a home that intuitively understands your comfort preferences, adjusts to your schedule and actively helps you save on energy bills. That’s what a Nest thermostat brings to the table.

In this age of smart devices, your home’s heating shouldn’t lag. With Nest, you’re not just installing a thermostat; you’re integrating intelligence into your living space. Maybe you’ve had those winter mornings, desiring warmth before stepping out of bed, or perhaps there have been times you’ve left home, forgetting to adjust the heating? Nest remembers, learns and adapts to these moments. It merges convenience with savings.

So, when you consider embracing smart living, remember it’s more than just a tech upgrade—it’s a lifestyle evolution. Experience the future of home heating with a Nest installation from Electrical Innovations.

Experience the future of home heating

Benefits of embracing the Nest Thermostat

In today’s digital era, integrating smart devices like the Nest Thermostat is more than a modern luxury—it’s a thoughtful choice for efficiency, convenience and eco-friendliness. By choosing a Nest for your home, you stand to reap several advantages. Equip your home with Nest and pave the way for smarter, more sustainable living.

Adaptive learning

Nest doesn’t just adjust temperatures; it learns your preferences for customised heating

Remote control

Whether you’re in bed or on holiday, adjust your temperature with the Nest smart app

Energy savings

With its energy-efficient settings, Nest can significantly reduce your heating bills

Safety alerts

Get notified if your home’s temperature drops, preventing potential pipe bursts


Nest promotes sustainable living, reducing your home’s carbon footprint

Sleek design

Nest’s modern design not only looks good but also provides an intuitive user interface

Auto-away feature

Nest recognises when you’re away, adjusting settings to save energy

Energy history

Understand your energy consumption patterns and make informed decisions

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Embrace the future

Choose our Nest thermostat installation service

Every corner of your home has a unique rhythm. Merging the traditional with the futuristic requires expertise and a touch of foresight.

Since 2006, Electrical Innovations has been introducing Derby homes to the future, one Nest at a time. Our passion stems from a conviction that a thermostat shouldn’t just regulate temperatures; it should redefine your living experience.

It’s about conserving energy, embracing efficiency and nestling into unparalleled comfort. Are you ready to revolutionise the way you experience warmth and convenience?
Time to step into the future.