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Smart home installation

Step into the future with a seamless blend of technology and comfort; let us transform your living space into a modern, efficient and interactive haven

Ever dreamt of a home that responds to your every command? With smart home technology, this is no longer a distant fantasy but an accessible reality.

Experience the convenience of adjusting lights, regulating your heating, ensuring security and more, all from the palm of your hand.

With our smart home installation service, your home will evolve into a living space that’s not just technologically advanced and sustainable but finely attuned to your personal preferences and needs. Jump into the future with Electrical Innovations.
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Unlocking smart living

Optimise your home’s essentials

Step into the future of home convenience and luxury. Embrace the experience of having your home adapt and respond to your needs through smart technology. Dive into the myriad ways we can help elevate your daily living with smart home technology, including:


Switch on and off and adjust brightness to set the perfect mood


Control your temperature with your mobile phone for optimum comfort

Security cameras

Keep an eye on your property remotely, anytime and anywhere


Control your TV, stereo and other home entertainment devices remotely

Curtains and blinds

Schedule their opening for privacy, or instantly alter room ambience


Control devices like your kettle, cooker or washing machine to make your life a little easier

Embrace modern living

Why is smart home integration a game-changer?

Your home is more than bricks and mortar; it’s an evolving living space. As the digital age progresses, how we interact with our homes transforms.

Imagine controlling your home’s atmosphere with a simple voice command or monitoring security while you’re miles away. Smart technology isn’t about flashy gadgets; it’s about reshaping how you live and ensuring unparalleled convenience. Have you ever dreamt of curtains that draw themselves or lights that adjust to your mood? How about a thermostat that learns your preferred room temperature?

Smart home integration is your ticket to making these dreams a reality. By opting for our expert smart home installations, you’re not just upgrading devices but enhancing your lifestyle. Let us help you redefine what comfort means in your home. Discover the magic of seamless living.

Step into the Future

Benefits of our smart home installation services

Your home, the epicentre of your daily life, deserves the gift of innovation. As the world leans more into technology, so should your living space. With our smart home integration, you’re in for some amazing upgrades. The benefits include:

Seamless control

Regulate multiple home devices with a single touch or voice command.

Enhanced security

Install smart locks, sensors and cameras for top-tier home surveillance.

Energy efficiency

Smart thermostats and lighting systems that adjust to your needs and conserve energy.

Entertainment evolved

Stream music or films across rooms with interconnected smart devices.

Peaceful ambience

Automated curtains and mood lighting set the scene for relaxation.

Convenient communication

Smart doorbells and intercoms keep you connected without moving a muscle.

Maintenance alerts

Get notified about real-time appliance issues or maintenance needs.

Boundless customisation

Tailor your smart systems to fit your lifestyle and preferences perfectly.

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An interconnected smart home is like a symphony. Each appliance and gadget strikes a unique chord. Crafting such a cohesive melody demands the expertise of a maestro well-versed in the tempo of modern technology.

For years, Electrical Innovations has been the trusted conductor for homeowners across Derby and beyond, blending classic comfort with futuristic flair.

Our ethos is simple – technology should be intuitive, enhancing your life at every touchpoint. With us, it’s more than just making your home smart; it’s about moulding it to resonate with your everyday rhythms. Are you set to embark on the smart home journey?