The feeling you get in the morning, going outside and finding an open van door is indescribable. 

Or waking up in the night at every sound in the street.  

Being a tradesman and having a van on the drive made us a massive target for crime.  

Over the years I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been the victim of crime.  All my livelihood stolen in the night.

After one such incident, my van was almost completely cleared out.  2 nights later they came back again and this time break into our garage.  

I decided enough was enough and installed my first CCTV system.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

The first CCTV system I installed was at home.  It was dreadful. 

You’ve all seen the systems I’m talking about.  

£500 from Amazon.  Advertised as everything you need to protect your home.  

It couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It did, however, do the job in part.  

It gave me piece of mind.  Unfortunately that’s about all it provided, and only for a while!

It wasn’t long before we had issues again and this time the cameras showed how valuable they were.  

Almost useless.  

After that, I decided to properly learn about CCTV. 


What is the best CCTV system?

There were a few questions I have that I know needed to be addressed before I could offer this as a service to our electrical customers. 

  • How can we carry out the neatest installations?
  • Does it have to be complicated?
  • Can we fit something my mum would be able to use!

Most importantly, can we fit cameras that will protect your home and belongings and provide clear evidence in the case of an incident. 

This soon progressed into a fully fledged part of our business to the point where we now have dedicated CCTV installers with 100’s of happy customers. 

Levelling Up

It wasn’t long after this that my Mum called to say she wanted a system installed.  They were going on holiday and the previous year had a break-in while away. 

This time, I knew I needed a better system so went out and did some research.  

What we ended up installing was another quite basic system that was still a massive improvement over the kit I had at home.

The holiday went without issue and the system is still in use now.  

As it always is with word of mouth, the calls for CCTV kept coming in. 

Eventually I decided that as a business, we needed a serious look into CCTV. While its a simple enough job to buy cameras online and throw them in, that’s not how we operate. 

I knew if we wanted to offer this as a service then it needed to be professional and high quality. 

Hikvision Approved

Fast forward to now.  We have carried out hundreds of CCTV installations.

We are also Hikvision Approved CCTV installers. 

The systems we fit are the highest quality available. 

When a customer comes to us for their CCTV installation we ensure they know exactly what system they will be getting. How it will be installed. With a great warranty and aftercare.