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Kitchen rewiring in Derby

Enhance your kitchen’s electrics for safety, efficiency and peace of mind

When planning a kitchen refurbishment or upgrade, the backbone of its functionality rests on its electrics. A kitchen rewire streamlines your cooking space for modern appliances and alleviates any lingering concerns about outdated wiring. Whether you’re aiming to modernise your kitchen or want safer surroundings, updating your kitchen’s electrics provides a foundation of safety and peace of mind. As the heart of your home, your kitchen deserves the best electrical solutions.

Choose us to revitalise your kitchen’s electrics, ensuring every switch, socket and light enhances your culinary experience. For a kitchen that’s both safe and efficient, make the right connection.

Transform your kitchen

Why a kitchen rewire?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. As you consider updating or refurbishing your kitchen, ensuring a top-notch electrical system is essential. Our full or partial kitchen rewires offer a host of benefits, including:


Upgrade your kitchen to handle modern appliances, ensuring they work seamlessly


Say goodbye to potential electrical hazards and ensure a safe cooking environment

Energy efficiency

Modern wiring optimises power use, helping reduce those electricity bills


Customise switch and socket placement for a practical, user-friendly space

Property value

A well-wired kitchen can significantly enhance your home’s market value


Ensure your kitchen is ready to accommodate the latest tech and future upgrades

Redefining your kitchen’s efficiency

Why is kitchen rewiring paramount?

Your kitchen – the epitome of culinary creativity and family bonding – is also a hub of electrical activity. Everything relies on a sound electrical foundation, from your smart fridge and modern oven to the mixer and lighting.

Yet, as you consider modernising your kitchen or introducing the latest appliances, the age-old wiring often takes a backseat. It shouldn’t. Ageing or inadequate wiring can hamper your kitchen’s functionality and pose huge safety risks. Have you ever noticed an appliance not working at its optimum? Lights dimming or flickering?

These could be signs of outdated electrics crying out for attention. A professional kitchen rewire doesn’t just enhance safety; it tailors the space to your evolving needs. Whether you’re in Derby or the surrounding areas, we can improve your kitchen’s safety, functionality and aesthetics.

Enhance your cooking space

Why opt for our kitchen rewiring service?

Electrical efficiency is paramount in your kitchen. When you decide to breathe new life into this cherished space, whether it’s a complete overhaul or a simple uplift, our expert services come into play:

Comprehensive care

We manage the entire rewire for a transformation with minimal disruption

Personal touch

Add stylish socket fronts or contemporary light fixtures that illuminate your space

Enhanced functionality

Get extra sockets for new gadgets or bespoke lighting to elevate the ambience

Minimise disruption

Our rewires give your kitchen a fresh feel without a comprehensive overhaul


Whether you need additional sockets, modern lighting or just a refresh, we’ve got you covered


Get the peace of mind of knowing your kitchen is electrically safe and sound

Our credentials

We’re NICEIC-approved contractors, proudly endorsed by TrustMark

Transparent & competitive pricing

Fixed-price quotes and competitive rates ensure you get value and clarity

Commitment to excellence

We’re trustworthy, punctual and reliable. Our friendly team will leave your space tidy

Customer Satisfaction

Hundreds of glowing reviews validate our efficient and affordable service

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Why choose Electrical Innovations for your kitchen rewire?

The heart of your home deserves meticulous care. Since 2006, we’ve crafted and perfected kitchens with unrivalled electrical expertise in Derby and beyond. Our journey has seen us transform kitchens from simple cooking spaces to modern culinary hubs tailored to your dreams. Whether it’s a comprehensive rewire or subtle enhancements, our approach marries safety with aesthetics. Such a blend comes from our enduring commitment to quality and our passion for illuminating homes in the best light.

Ready to embark on a kitchen transformation? Enjoy a cooking space that’s as efficient as it is enchanting. Call us today.