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Powering Derby’s future with sustainable electrical solutions for homes and businesses.

Our business

Who we are

Ben has over 20 years experience as an Electrician. As a result this is reflected in our company by excellent service. And also quality of work that we provide for our customers.

We aim to provide a comprehensive solution for home owners wanting a safe and secure home. Above all our team provides Electrical safety and security to give you peace of mind.

We are a local family business that covers Derby. We want to be the go to company in Derby for your electrical problems.

Your home is your castle. We treat it like a palace. Customer care and also attention to detail are the most important things to our business.

Our people

Meet our team

Ben Curry

Meet Ben, the heart and soul of our company! With his passion for excellence and knack for innovation, he’s been leading the charge since day one.

Kelly Curry

Kelly’s not just our co-owner, she’s also our social media guru! Always spreading positivity and keeping our online presence vibrant since she joined the team.


Colin’s the guy who went from fixing wires to running the show! With his can-do attitude and wealth of experience, he keeps the sparks flying in our electrical division.


Sam’s our go-to for all things electrical and solar. From designing panels to ensuring our systems are tip-top, he’s the sunshine in our team.


Need something sorted? Ainsley’s your person! From handling solar admin to keeping the office running smoothly, He’s the glue that holds us all together.


Frazer’s the eco-warrior on our team! Whether he’s installing solar panels or juicing up EVs, he’s all about making the world a greener place, one wire at a time.


Sean’s the master of small works and kitchen upgrades! With his knack for detail and passion for craftsmanship, he turns every project into a work of art.


Brad’s the guy who knows his way around alarms, CCTV, and all things electrical. From keeping us safe to solving tech puzzles, he’s our very own superhero in the field.


Meet Louis, our apprentice with a heart of gold! Always eager to learn and lend a hand, he’s the future shining bright in our team.


 Stuart’s the newest member of our solar squad! With his career change and passion for renewable energy, he’s bringing fresh energy to our installations.


Liam’s the friendly face you’ll find on the job site! As our adult apprentice, he’s soaking up knowledge and bringing positive vibes to every task.


Mark’s the seasoned pro with a spark for excellence! From electrical wizardry to aceing inspections, he’s the guy who keeps our standards sky-high.


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At Electrical Innovations, we weave expertise, dedication and a deep commitment to excellence into every strand of our electrical services. Since our inception in 2006, our journey has been fuelled by a passion for delivering exceptional workmanship across a broad spectrum of electrical services.