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Transform your outdoor living space into a radiant sanctuary with our expert garden electrical installation services

Dreaming of a vibrant garden retreat? It’s not just about blooming flowers and manicured lawns. Imagine stepping out to a warmly lit patio, an efficiently powered outbuilding or feeling the gentle warmth from outdoor heaters.

These additions come with their unique electrical needs. Don’t get tangled in the complexities of outdoor electrical setups. Instead, lean on the expertise of our seasoned electrical experts.

By choosing our garden electrical services, you’re not just enhancing your garden’s aesthetics but ensuring safety and functionality in every corner. From external lighting and heating to garden power solutions, we’ve got your outdoor spaces covered. Embrace the great outdoors in style.

Alluring exteriors

Why opt for our garden electrical services?

A radiant garden extends your living space, inviting you to enjoy your outdoor areas irrespective of the time of day. Dive into a world where your garden glows with elegance and efficiency. Our dedicated garden electrical installation service offers a bouquet of advantages, including:

Personalised designs

Craft an ethereal garden atmosphere tailored to your tastes and preferences

Safety first

Expert installation reduces the risk of electrical mishaps in your outdoor space


Benefit from installations that enhance your garden appliances’ energy efficiency


Elevate the ambience with lighting that accentuates your garden’s features

Year-round solutions

From patio heaters to gazebos and huts, enjoy your outdoor space in all seasons

End-to-end service

From design to execution, experience a seamless garden electrical transformation

Energise your outdoor space

About our garden electrical service

Your garden ought to shimmer and radiate as resplendently as your interiors. But sometimes, a dim pathway, a flickering patio light, or an unpowered outbuilding can detract from its allure.

While a DIY project might sound tempting, garden electrics present unique challenges best tackled by specialists.

Perhaps you dream of a heated gazebo for chilly evenings, or you’ve envisioned fairy-lit trees for a romantic night under the stars? Or you could be aiming for a powered workshop in your shed. Whatever your garden dreams, they require expert hands for safe, seamless integration. With our expert garden electrical services, you’re not merely brightening an area but enhancing the soul of your outdoor haven.

Transform your garden

The pitfalls of neglecting your garden electrics

Your garden, a serene retreat, deserves the same attention and care as your interiors. It isn’t just a space; it’s an experience. Ignoring outdoor electrical issues can lead to a multitude of potential problems, including:

Dimmed beauty

Flickering or faulty lights can undermine your garden’s aesthetics

Safety mishaps

Faulty wiring outdoors can be a trip hazard, especially in dim or wet conditions

Wasted energy

Inefficient garden systems might consume more power, increasing your bills

Unreliable features

Don’t let your water feature or garden heater quit during an evening soiree

Environmental harm

Faulty circuits can harm plants, impacting your garden’s ecosystem

Reduced property value

A garden with electrical issues can deter potential buyers or renters

Inconsistent ambience

Proper lighting sets the mood; inconsistencies can disrupt your relaxation

Missed potential

A garden without electrics loses the full spectrum of modern outdoor amenities

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Work with us

Let Electrical Innovations bring your garden to life

Every corner of your garden tells a story, awaiting the right light and ambience. With over 30 years in the fray, we’ve been the silent architects behind countless enchanting garden evenings across Derby and beyond. Our canvas ranges from intricate garden lighting landscapes to efficient outdoor heating solutions. Our mission? To ensure every light, socket and outdoor feature doesn’t just illuminate but also resonates with your aspirations, ensuring safety meets splendour.

Because it’s not just about brightening a garden patio; it’s about enhancing every moment spent on it. If you’re eager to transform your garden into an electrifying retreat, why not schedule a consultation?