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Encountering inconvenient socket shortages in your home? It’s frustrating when you can’t find the right spot to plug in that new lamp or charge your gadgets. But adding sockets haphazardly isn’t just about convenience; it requires a delicate balance of safety and aesthetics.

Don’t let a lack of power outlets dim the function and charm of your rooms. Let our seasoned electrical experts integrate them for you. With our specialised socket installation services, you’ll always have the right connection in the right place.
Step up your home’s convenience, safety and design harmony. Don’t compromise on your home’s electrical needs – reach out today.

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Why choose our socket installation service?

Modernising your Derby home with new sockets adds convenience and heightens safety and style. We can equip your home with the best electrical socket solutions, striking the perfect balance between form and function. The benefits of our new socket installation service include:


Accommodate modern gadgets seamlessly with updated sockets


Modern sockets reduce risks, ensuring a safer environment for you and your loved ones


Position your sockets where you want them for maximum utility and visual appeal

Energy Efficiency

Modern sockets optimise power use, leading to potential savings


Choose from a range of decorative socket fronts to match your decor

End-to-end service

From advice and installation to aftercare, we’re with you at every step

Modernise your living space

Why updating your sockets is essential

Your home constantly evolves, reflecting the latest comforts and conveniences. Yet, the electrical backbone often remains untouched, potentially creating bottlenecks in your lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ve acquired the latest entertainment system, or you’re converting a room into a home office? Old sockets might not meet the demands of modern gadgets. Even those decorative socket fronts you admire in design magazines have a role beyond aesthetics. Faulty or outdated sockets can hinder performance, pose safety risks, or mar the beauty of your interiors.

That’s where we step in. Our new socket installation isn’t just about plugging in; it’s about powering your lifestyle. So, when considering an upgrade or spotting any irregularities in your home’s electrical fixtures, remember it’s not just an upgrade; it’s an uplift in safety, style and substance. Let us amplify your home’s safety and sophistication.

Elevate your electrical experience

Advantages of new socket installations

Investing in modern socket installations is more than just a facelift for your walls – it’s a forward-thinking step into a safer, more efficient lifestyle. Step into the future, knowing your home is both stylish and secure with our cutting-edge plug-point solutions:


Modern sockets offer features that minimise energy waste, contributing to a greener home

Reduced clutter

Dual or multi-point sockets eliminate the need for extension boards

Modern integration

Stay in step with technology by accommodating USB and smart sockets

Boost efficiency

Reduce energy use, ensuring appliances draw only what they need

Enhanced safety

Modern sockets have better safety features, such as child-proof covers

Surge protection

Advanced sockets offer in-built surge protection against electrical spikes


Preparing your home for upcoming tech demands ensures you won’t be left behind

Property value

Upgraded electricals can increase your home’s appeal and market value

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We’re NICEIC-approved contractors, proudly endorsed by TrustMark

Transparent & competitive pricing

Fixed-price quotes and competitive rates ensure you get value and clarity

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We’re trustworthy, punctual and reliable. Our friendly team will leave your space tidy

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Hundreds of glowing reviews validate our efficient and affordable service

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Every corner of your home has a story to tell. Infusing them with the right energy is an art mastered over time. We’ve been the silent architects behind Derby’s most vibrant homes for years, ensuring they resonate with function and flair.

When it comes to sockets, it’s more than just providing power; it’s about shaping the rhythm of your daily life. Our ethos is rooted in the belief that each socket should seamlessly merge into your world, prioritising safety and modern aesthetics. It isn’t about connecting devices; it’s about powering moments, big or small.

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