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General electrical works in Derby

Elevate your living space with our comprehensive home electrical works, from home rewires to tech installations

Every home has a heartbeat pulsing with electricity. Whether it’s modernising your living space with a Nest smart thermostat installation, illuminating your cosy corners with bespoke light fittings or undertaking a complete home rewiring, our expansive general electrical services cater to your needs.

Perhaps you’re considering the peace of mind of a CCTV installation or the efficiency brought by a consumer unit upgrade? From installing new sockets and switches to wiring for new builds, our expertise encompasses every facet of general electrical work, no matter how big or small.

Navigate your electrical journey with confidence, trusting our expert team to light up every corner of your home. If you need a seamless electrical transformation, look no further.

Complete electrical care

What can our general electrical works do for you?

Your electrical system is your home’s silent backbone, powering your everyday comforts and keeping your home running smoothly. Our general electrical works offer a host of benefits, such as:

Modern living

Power your home with the latest tech, from Nest and Hive systems to Ring doorbells


With wiring and consumer unit upgrades, bid farewell to old, hazardous electrics


From inspections and reports to CCTV setups, our services span a vast spectrum


Revamp your living spaces with stylish fixtures & fittings for functionality and flair

Adaptable solutions

From new sockets & switches to appliances we’ll mould them to your requirements


Ensure your home is ready to accommodate the latest tech and future upgrades

Comprehensive electrical services

Why is general electrical work essential?

Your home is a hub of electrical wonders. Ensuring your appliances hum, your lights glow, and your gadgets elevate your lifestyle is crucial.

Sometimes, amid the daily bustle, you may contemplate enhancing your living spaces or integrating smart technology. Maybe you’re considering that state-of-the-art appliance or debating a consumer unit upgrade for increased energy efficiency.

Navigating these ambitions might seem daunting, but with our seasoned professional electricians at your side, it’s attainable.

Whether fitting that trendy light fixture, setting up a Ring doorbell for added security or wiring your new extension or loft conversion, these tasks require a deft touch. Our comprehensive general electrical works aim to fulfil a function and ensure your Derby home thrives with safety and sophistication.

Electrical enhancements and excellence

Reap the rewards of reliable home electrics

Every corner of your home pulses with an electrical heartbeat, orchestrating a symphony of convenience and comfort. But when there’s a misstep in this intricate dance, it can disrupt your daily rhythm and put your safety at stake, too. With our general electrical works services for your Derby home, you’ll benefit from:

State-of-the-art installation

From home rewiring to modern smart home systems, we’ve got you covered


Consumer unit upgrades and installations ensure seamless power flow, reducing wastage


Elevate your security for peace of mind with precise CCTV installation


Breathe new life into spaces with chic light fittings, both indoor and outdoor

Tailored touches

Add or shift sockets and switches, ensuring a harmonious blend of function and design

Professional oversight

Regular inspections and adept fault-finding keep potential hazards at bay

Our credentials

We’re NICEIC-approved contractors, proudly endorsed by TrustMark

Transparent & competitive pricing

Fixed-price quotes and competitive rates ensure you get value and clarity

Commitment to excellence

We’re trustworthy, punctual and reliable. Our friendly team will leave your space tidy

Customer Satisfaction

Hundreds of glowing reviews validate our efficient and affordable service

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Why choose Electrical Innovations for your general electrical works?

Every room in your house sings a different tune. Harmonising them requires the finesse of a seasoned maestro. Since 2006, we’ve orchestrated electrical elegance across Derby and beyond. Our repertoire encompasses everything from complete home rewiring to installing modern devices and gadgets.

Our dedication stems from believing every switch, socket and wire should enhance your lifestyle, combining safety with efficiency and function. It’s not just about lighting up your rooms; it’s about illuminating your life. Ready to elevate your home’s electrics?