It’s only 6 weeks into 2018 we find ourselves having completed 2 full Rewires in Derby and Nottingham. Already we have another 2 programmed in to complete in the coming weeks. 

What makes this especially unusual is that In 2017 we carried out a total of one domestic house Rewire.

The two Full House Rewires that we have just completed could not have been more different from one another.  

Alvaston Rewire 

Seconldly, A small 2 bedroom house in Alvaston. The customer was adding a 3rd bedroom by diving a large existing room into two

We came in on a Saturday and Sunday to complete most of the works as the Rewire was not planned. We were able to avoid holding up other trades when the extent of the existing electrical problems were uncovered  

In 3 days we were able to completely Rewire the property including 1st and 2nd fix. Leaving all sockets and switches on boxes designed to allow easy plastering   

New consumer unit, smoke detectors and outside lights were also installed at the property.

Hucknall Rewire

The Rewire at hucknall was an undeniably different sort of job  

This house has 4 bedrooms over 3 floors and included a cellar, outhouses and a koi pond.

The spec of the installation was quite a bit higher with over 50 Brushed Chrome Click Scolmore accessories. LED Spotlights, a 24 way patch panel for a Cat6 network, surround sound and a burglar alarm  

Both jobs have been an interesting challenge for different reasons and has left us looking forwards to carrying out more Rewires in 2018

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