Is your home due an electrical rewire?


Rewiring your home can keep it safe and efficient for many years to come. But when do you need a home rewiring? And what are the key signs? Keep reading to find out if your home needs rewiring today…


Constant smell of burning

If you can smell burning throughout your home, without any clear cause, it could be time to require your home. If you have noticed a burning smell, switch the power off at the circuit and call out our team today.

Burnt or discoloured switches

If your outlets or switches are discoloured, it could be due to a loose connection or damaged wiring. This can lead to sparks, which create small fires on the surface. Even if you cannot see any wiring damage, it could be inside the walls.

Flickering lights

If your lights flicker, your bulb could simply need screwing in properly or replaced. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could be a sign of faulty wiring.

Fuses blowing

If your fuses keep blowing or your circuit breakers trip, it could be directly linked to faulty wiring. These issues are safety measures used to prevent any further damage and to keep you safe. However, if it happens regularly, it could be time to get your home rewired.

Outlets causing problems

Outlets can cause a range of problems in your home. They can begin to fall out of the wall and expose wiring, which can lead to potential electric shocks and fires. Outlets can also buzz or sizzle when you plug or unplug an appliance in. If either of these issues occur in your home, you should call out an electrician as soon as possible.

You have received an electric shock

This is an obvious sign of damage with the wiring in your home. If you have been electrocuted in your home, you need to call out an electrician as soon as you can. Even the smallest shock for you can be dangerous, especially if you have younger childer in your home.

Electrical rewires across Derby

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