PureStorage II AC Battery Storage System

Battery Storage

The PureStorage II AC Battery Storage is an all in one solution for adding battery storage to your home.

Power your home from the sun with free energy using solar panels.  Store that energy for use later when the sun goes down using the PureDrive battery storage system

Excess Solar is stored instead of being exported.  This maximises your returns and slashes the the expected payback periods of your Solar PV system.

Fully compatible with existing FiT (feed in tariff) systems.

The PureStorage II AC Battery Storage unit is entirely stand alone and can be connected to your home to maximise your solar energy use even from an existing Solar PV system, such as a FiT system, without infringing on existing energy supplier agreements.

Coming in both 5kWh and 10kWh, the pure drive system is a fully integrated battery system for residential use.

Made in Britain, it uses the safest and highest power lithium ion-phosphate battery cells.

Take advantage of cheap over night rates and charge the battery form the grid, fully integrated with Octopus Energy.

Prices start at £4995+vat fully installed for a 5kwh battery unit and £7495+vat for a 10kwh unit