Solar Panel and Battery installation in Aston on Trent

Solar Panel and Battery installation in Aston on Trent

Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most sustainable forms of energy available. With the rise in environmental concerns, more and more people are turning to renewable energy sources. Solar energy provides the ability to power homes and businesses. In this blog, we will be discussing a recent solar panel and battery storage installation, that took place in Derby, Aston-on-Trent

Take a look as what our customer had to say about the installation by watching the video below. 


Reasons for Solar

There is more to Solar than just payback periods and monetary returns, although they clearly play a large part.  

The homeowners of this property strongly felt that they should be making an effort to become more sustainable and green. Solar panels, battery storage and an electric car all play a part in this.

Our team working on the roof

Overnight Battery Charging

In addition to storing solar energy, battery storage can be used for time of use energy shifting.  Also known as energy arbitrage or overnight charging.  Tariffs such as Octopus Go, Economy 7 and many others allow this.  Often giving around 20 pence difference in rates. 

£ 0.99
£ 0.286

Charge During the Day, and again at Night.

The battery storage system we installed at this property can store energy produced from the sunshine during the day.  At night this power will be used in the home instead of buying energy from the grid when it is most expensive. 

The battery can be charged again at an overnight cheap rate ensuring all energy used by the property is either free or at a low price.  

Solar Panels to fit in with a distinguished property

Anyone in this Aston area will know this house.  The huge hedges are a local landmark, and having solar panels add to the look of the property instead of detracting was an important consideration.  

We chose an all-black panel from JA Solar.  These panels are very nice looking with black cells, on a black back sheet with a black frame.

The solar panel choice was not just down to aesthetics. For this Solar PV Installation, we chose the JA Solar JAM54S30 BF Half-Cell panels. These 12 panels have a total capacity of 4.7 kW and come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty.

This means they are a reliable choice for any solar installation.

Local service is key

Willie, our customer, was keen to find a local company to work with him to carry out this installation.  

Our office is just down the road in Swarkestone, so it was an easy decision to get us in to quote.  

Being local is only part of the job, and is by no means the only factor in choosing an installation company. 

We came out for an initial site visit and were able to make recommendation on how to best proceed with the install.  Accurate measurements and full site surveys were carried out and a written proposal was submitted.  

This included all the equipment we recommended, including the data sheets and warranty details. 

How the system was intended to be used and a clear estimate of energy savings was provided.  We use the MCS-certified calculation methods to ensure maximum transparency in our claims.  

In these end, the results speak for themselves and Mr and Mrs Tucker have been over the moon with this installation. 


Reaping the Rewards: Energy Savings and More

This homeowner was not only looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint but also to save a bit on their energy bills. And guess what? They got both! By generating their own solar energy and using the battery storage system to store excess energy, they significantly reduced their reliance on the grid. Coupled with the Octopus Go tariff, which offers a discounted rate for electricity used during off-peak hours, the homeowner is now set to enjoy impressive savings.

Join the Solar Revolution!

Are you feeling inspired by Willie’s solar journey? Perhaps you’re considering how a similar setup could benefit you. We’re here to help! Our team of solar energy experts can guide you through assessing your energy needs and designing a bespoke solar installation system that meets your requirements. Get in touch with us today. Fill out our contact form or call us on 01332 498130. Let’s work together to embrace the power of the sun!