Winning Solar Installer of the year 2023 Award

Solar PV Installer of the Year 2023

Solar PV Installer of the Year 2023 Awards Ceremony

We recently attended The Energy Efficiency Awards 2023, in the hope of securing an award for Solar PV Installer of the year 2023.  The nominees for all categories on the awards night were large, well established corporations and little old us.

We decided to make a night of it by taking our whole team, and have a good night out together regardless of the results, so we ditched the Snickers work wear and suited and booted ready to set off to the ceremony, expecting to be congratulating other companies for their wins.

After a lovely three course dinner, the drinks were flowing and it was time for the awards…..

Solar PV Installer of the Year 2023

Solar PV Installer of the year 2023

There were 11 awards categories and after congratulating large companies winning all of the previous categories our hopes of winning were dwindling.

Time for our category, Solar PV Installer of the year 2023.  We had hopes of achieving a 4th or 3rd place.  No way would be placed as the number one winner, being such a small company who are relatively new to the industry.

4th place announced …not us.

3rd place announced … not us.

Surely we wouldn’t achieve 2nd or 1st place. I mean, we are amazing what we do, our customers are happy, they send in brilliant reviews.  The work we carry out is top quality and meticulously executed, our team are friendly, approachable and we are of cause on hand to answers any questions or worries our customers may have.  But up against these big companies, we didn’t think we stood a chance.  Not little Electrical Innovations.

Feeling sad, we cheered for the second place winner.  Then 1st place was announced.. “and the winner of Solar PV Installer of the Year is  (Drum roll please) Electrical Innovations.”

Woohooo, we flew to our feet, cheering, crying, hugging each other and made our way up to the stage to receive our prestigious award.  The room was loud with clapping and cheering.  We did it!

Solar PV Installer of the Year 2023

Our hard work paid off

In an industry dominated by larger players, winning the Solar PV Installer of the Year award is no small feat. It showcases the impact that a passionate, hard working and dedicated team can make.

This award is a testament to our ability to deliver high quality installations, regardless of the size or scale of the competition.

Solar PV Installer of the Year 2023

Recognition for our commitment to excellence

It is with immense pride that we accept this recognition for our unwavering commitment to excellence in Solar PV Installation. The journey to this accomplishment has been one filled with determination, passion, and the collective effort of our talented team. This award will enable our company to go from strength to strength.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our amazing customers who have chosen us for their Solar PV Installations.