We fit CCTV systems in Derby and the surrounding areas that can help protect your property and belongings and as part of this we always install the best equipment for each situation.  

CCTV in Derby

30 day recording times is standard on most CCTV systems on the market but it can be costly if you want to have high image quality on your cameras, and a high number of camera.  

When we install any CCTV systems in Derby we make sure they are optimised to get the best from your system. There are lots of things that go into this and all of it comes from our experience of working with CCTV Systems.  Choice of cameras, MP and Lenses, hard drive size, DVR features and lots more.

This video shows one of the ways we can do this.  

What is FPS?

FPS (or Frames Per Second) is often advertised as being a feature that a camera is capable of operating at a high number.  

In practice it is better to run at a lower FPS and save  money on your hard drive storage space.  Or if you have a CCTV system in Derby already installed, we can lower the FPS to make the most of your existing storage.  

while 30 frames per second is going to give you a smooth image that is real time video, to the naked eye it is almost indistinguishable to 15 frames Per Second.  As you can see in the example video even 10 FPS is quite smooth and will be suitable for almost all situations unless you are trying to capture fast moving objects like car number plates. 

Modern IP CCTV Systems (IP is a type of CCTV System, you can get lots of different sorts) take up around half the storage space of a traditional system, so you can put your money into better, or more cameras rather than spending on extra Hard Drive space. 

Need an expert? 

If you would click us to come out and talk to you about your CCTV System, or would like a new installation of a CCTV System in Derby please contact Ben on 07909833076