Old, deteriorated, faulty home wiring is extremely dangerous and can possibly lead to fires, electric shocks and electrical faults. These problems can be easily avoided, as long as you know the warning sings to look out for.
If you spot any of the following warning signs in your home, contact our electricians at Electrical Innovations in Derby ASAP to arrange an electrical rewiring.



Dimming/flickering lights

If your lights are dimming, they are not receiving enough voltage. If they are flickering or brightening, then they are receiving too much. This could be an easy fix but can also be dangerous for you and your family- our electricians can see whether you will require a rewire.

Regular fuse blow-outs

Old fuses are not built to handle modern appliances and need to be replaced if they continuously trip out. They should be upgraded with modern circuit breakers.

Light bulbs burning out

If your light bulbs burn out in their sockets, then this suggests your voltage is fluctuating. This is an indication of a bigger problem so you should consider a home rewiring to reduce risks of a fire in your home.

Charred outlets

If your outlets or switches are charred/discoloured, you should get an electrician out ASAP and consider a rewire. This is caused by a loose or faulty connection sparking out and creating a small fire near the surface which can lead to much bigger problems. 

Power fluctuations

As well as causing a risk to your safety, this also can damage your expensive electrical appliances so it is best to unplug as much as you can and get your home checked out. 

Smell of burning

This is a clear indication that something is not right. Your wires may be shorting behind the walls and can create the need for an electrical rewiring.

Out-dated cabling

Dangerous combinations to look for: black nylon/rubber cable with no earth OR single cottoned sheath in metal conduit. If you see these, your home needs rewiring ASAP as these combinations are 50+ years old and do not comply with modern health and safety.

Sparks coming from outlet

If you plug or unplug an appliance and see sparks coming from the outlet, this is a sign of a large electrical problem to be checked out by an electrician quickly.

Does your home need rewiring in Derby?

If you have noticed one or more of these signs in your home, you definitely should contact our electricians to take a look, as it may be time for a home rewiring. Here at Electrical Innovations, we offer home rewiring in the Derby area, covering Chellaston, Alvaston, Allenton, Shelton Lock and Boulton.
For more information- fill out our contact form, give us a call on 07909833076 / 01332498130 or drop us an email at ben@elec-inn.co.uk. We would love to hear from you soon!