EV Charge Point recent installation in Derby

One of our old customers contacted us as he had just picked up an EV car and needed a charger installed at his home.

We had a brief chat about his requirements and were able to make some recommendations on which unit would be suitable.

The EV Charge point recommended was the My Energi Zappi.


This was due to the difficulty we would have had installing a load management sensor back to the meter box. The Zappi works with a device call Harvi.

Load management can be controlled wirelessly using the My Energi system.


When looking at EV installations, a “Standard Installation” is often mentioned. The job was certainly not standard but we were able to get everything installed and commissioned in only a few hours.

Using a SWA Armoured cable we were able to get a supply from the middle floor utility room. This was clipped neatly around the balcony garden and down to the off-road parking space at the rear of the property.

One of the conditions for the OZEV grant scheme is that you need to have a parking spot.

Despite a 40 meter cable run, the installation was kept as discrete as possible.

I think you will agree that the end result was a tidy wiring to the EV Charge point.

Overall this was a fun project to carry out. It was a challenge to get a cable from the consumer unit to the car parking spot, while keeping it neat and tidy.

Our customer was previously charging his Tesla Model 3 on an extension lead. The Zappi Charge point was a huge improvement.