A Recent Garden Lighting installation

Garden Lighting

With the warmer weather upon us, now is the time to think about having a Garden Lighting installation.

Your garden is an idyllic spot to be spending more time socialising with friends and family, and so your garden lighting can provide such a dramatic difference to your outdoor space.

Over the last few months we have received numerous calls from our customers wanting to have feature lighting adding to their gardens.  Whether this being purely decorative, used to highlight certain areas of the garden and to add atmosphere, to Ring Flood lights which also provide security camera protection. 

Garden Lighting

Hue Lighting in the Garden

Outdoor lighting not only brightens up your garden it adds ambience and atmosphere to your outdoor space and seating areas.

As our recent customer found, a few extra lights dotted around the garden are perfect for drawing attention to areas you are proud of and want to show off.  They decided that in addition to lighting up their decking, seating area, they also wanted to highlight the shrub areas in the flower beds situated around the edges of the garden, and therefore as a result it looks incredibly effective.

The following garden areas are all popular lighting areas with our customers.

  • Shining up from the base of trees.
  • Flower beds.
  • Garden statues.
  • Highlighting a nice water feature.
  • Low level lighting around decking areas.
  • Highlighting the edges of paths.
  • Strung along fences.

Garden lighting can make the garden seem so much more cosy and inviting.  

As a company we love the Phillips Hue lighting allowing our customers to customise the colour of their lighting in each section of their garden.  This can be changed easily via an app.  Giving our customers the options to change the tone of their lighting or the colour gives them more control over the appearance of their garden lighting installation.

As you can see from the images, our customer decided to use a variety of colours and tones resulting in a warming atmospheric garden area.  

Front of house lighting

We have also noted a big increase in the number of customers requesting up and down lights fitted to the front of their homes recently, these are  usually situated  either side of their front door.  So why are they so popular?

  • They look great.  They give your home a welcoming glow.
  • Light is reflected from the top and bottom of the sleek fixture to illuminate the wall.
  • Up and Down lights can also be fitted with Philips Hue bulbs so you can change the colour and intensity of your lights easily via the app on your phone. 
  • They boost your curb appeal, catching the eye of passes by.
  • They provide added security protection by illuminating the front of your home and doorway area.

We recently carried out the electrical work on the property in the image below,  this impressive home is a self build property and the customer wanted to highlight the amazing exterior of their house by having up and down lighting situated all around the outside of the property.  I think you will agree it looks very effective.

If you are considering having a garden lighting installation, please read our other blogs related to the topic and give us a call to discuss the various options available.  We would be more than happy to help.