Full House Rewire at Bracknall Drive, Alvaston, Derby

rewire in alvaston

Our team of electricians in Derby have recently completed a full home rewire on Bracknall Drive in Alvaston, Derby.
This was another really great job to be involved with and resulted in happy customers with a newly rewired home.

This property needed a rewire after the customer originally contacted us for consumer unit upgrade and some spotlights in the bathroom. After only a few minutes looking around the job it was clear that a full rewire was going to be needed.

The home owner had just bought the property and was carrying out a full renovation before moving in. They were currently living elsewhere in derby and the property was completely stripped out. They initially got in touch with us through our website and were looking a few bits carried out.

  • New Socket outlets
  • Upgraded Consumer Unit
  • Wiring added for a 3rd Bedroom
  • Spotlights in the bathroom

As mentioned above, after a short look around it was clear that the original wiring was not up to current regulations and we also showing signs of its age. The earthing needed upgrading, lighting circuits had no earths. The single ring main supplying all the power was overloaded.

As the property was empty and stripped back to bare walls This saved our Electricians lots of time and we were able to give the customer an price and timeframe for the job that reflected this.

We added a few new sockets to each room as originally there was only one per room, we also added spotlights in the bathroom and altered the switching on the upstairs lighting circuit when a 3rd bedroom was added.

The entire electrical installation was rewired with new socket outlets and suitable heights instead on on and in skirting boards, new consumer unit and earthing completed the job.

This full rewire only took us 3 days. The customer had their own plasterer that was going to be following us so we fitted specially designed boxes to all the outlets that let the plasterer and decorator finish off easily and allowed us to 1st and 2nd fix the Electrical installation in one go.

Overall this was a excellent project for our team. The rewire was completed in a short timeframe, an upgraded and modernised house at a budget the customer was happy with.

To give you an idea of costs for this sort of job, (each house is different and the amount of work required may vary this was a completely empty property that was being refurbished)

If you have a similar project and would like us to take a look you can contact us on 07909833076 or send and email via our contact page for a free quote and advice.