As Bens wife, his office and social media manager and most importantly Mummy to our two beautiful children Lily (age 4) and Alfie (age 1) I wanted to write a blog post about my thoughts on our home security which of cause was expertly fitted by Ben

mums home security

As a busy mum when leaving the house I often have a million things on my mind, along with a little girl hanging off me asking a load of questions along the lines of “why is the sky blue?” and “why do worms eat soil?’ And a baby who more often than not has been sick down my back and is pulling my hair while trying to bite his sister. I will struggle with bags and pushchairs getting everyone in the car (we will be late as always) and then remember that I’ve locked the door but not set the alarm. I wouldn’t be able to relax knowing it wasn’t set as it would be my luck that the day it isn’t set someone would take a fancy to having a rummage around our house looking through all my oversized maternity pants and Primark cheap jewellery. But with our alarm I can set it from my car on the driveway using either my phone app or alarm key fob. It is relief to not have to get back out of the car, go to the house, unlock the door and go to the alarm panel lock back up again etc. Valuable minutes saved. Every second is crucial when trying to make it on time to Music group.

Alerts While away from home

If someone was to try and enter our home while out, I would get alerts to my phone so I could get back or ask a neighbour to check everything was ok. I can also access the CCTV system on my phone so if there was a problem while we were not home I could always check the CCTV to ensure our house was safe and disarm the alarm if it was. The is extremely useful if we are on holiday.

We decided to have an alarm fitted when we had our daughter. I hated the thought of someone coming in our house while we were out and them going in her bedroom, looking through her treasures and taking her pocket money. I also wanted the added security at night. Im a very light jumpy sleeper and the slightest noise would startle me, I can now sleep easy (in between calls from Alfie) knowing that the alarm would go off if anyone had entered our home.

The alarm can be set to just arm downstairs so when I’m up in the night to check on Alfie, or Lily gets up to use the loo, or stand at my bedside staring at me the alarm will not go off disturbing the street. We have two cats which we keep downstairs at night time, at first I was concerned that they would activate the alarm but the pet sensors are great, we have never had a problem even when they jump on top of my dresser, or run around play fighting.

In the daytime while we are home the alarm provides a door chime, so although I do lock the door it provides us with added protection.

CCTV and Alarms

For added security we also have CCTV fitted around the front, sides and back of the house and we also use it for baby monitors in the children’s rooms, as it can stream directly to an iPad/phone and multiple screens can be shown at once. Ben likes to check it to see which neighbours dog has left a poo on the gravel drive Lily likes to re-watch footage of her falling out bed in the night as she has no recollection of it the next day. I just love watching the kiddies peacefully sleeping. Joking aside the CCTV has come in very useful when ourselves and neighbours have had security issues and we have been able to provide the Police with extremely clear images and sound files. Obviously with Bens work van on the drive we stick out like a sore thumb to potential thieves, even though the van is protected like Fort Knox with various alarms and van security we have had a few midnight visitors having a snoop about, but as soon as they spot the CCTV cameras they are off like a shot, so it certainly acts as a good deterrent. With the system Ben fits you can clearly see on the CCTV footage where movement has been detected, so you do not have to trawl through hours of recordings to find where an incident took place. When my mums babysits for us or has the kiddies while i’m working, she likes to have the CCTV cameras running on the iPad so she can see if anyone comes to the door, it gives excellent peace of mind that she can see its only an expected Asda delivery and not someone uninvited before opening the door.

As a mummy I personally wouldn’t want to be without either of the systems. They give a busy mum peace of mind that her home and children are safe and protected and give me a few hours peaceful sleep (even if the kiddies have other ideas).