The Hive EO Charger from British Gas allows you to Charge you to charge your EV Car at home

One of the smallest EV chargers on the market. 

We can carry our your installation even if you have purchased this charger from British Gas. 


Features of the Hive EV Charger

The Hive EV Charger comes with a manufacturer 2 year warranty. 

The charging capacity is 7.2 kW.

It’s A5 size means it is one of the smallest chargers on the market at only 215mm x 140mm x 100mm.
Intelligent scheduling allows you to set the charge times to suit your electricity tariffs and take advantage of cheaper overnight charging rates.


Supply and Fit, or Installation Only

Our team of expert EV Charging installers would be happy to supply and fit your Hive EO charge point. 

Alternatively, we can install a charge point that you have already purchased directly from British Gas or any other retailer. 

Contact us using the form below to get a free quote or book your installation. 

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