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Is summer finally here?

After a cold winter and the most miserable Spring weather.  Our Solar Team are happy to be seeing their shadows on the roofs again.  With lots of Solar PV jobs lined up our Solar team are hoping the sun shows its face a little more, and they can top up their tans and dry out after a very soggy few months. 

We have carried out some nice installations the last few months, including two at our farm, on the roofs of our office and the stores,  we have also included battery storage.  This has been amazing with keeping our energy bills lower, especially now that we are charging two electric vans and also keeping Kel and Ainsley toasty in the office with the heaters on full. 

Commercial install

We have a busy summer ahead of us with many domestic Solar PV installs booked in and ready to go. 

We have however recently completed a couple of large commercial Solar PV installations, which Sam our Solar Team Co-ordinator has enjoyed getting stuck into.  We are hoping that this is the start of more commercial installs coming our way.  As you can see from the images, the size of a commercial installation is pretty impressive.  Sam has worked hard running these jobs and as you can see he has done an absolutely cracking job of them.

Duracell Energy Dura5

Our Solar team have been busy installing the New Duracell Energy Dura5 home storage battery for our customers.  They are a brilliant bit of kit which look sleek and are super user-friendly. 

The batteries come with The Duracell Energy Smart AP,  which will automatically integrate time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV charger.  

They also come with a 10 year warranty and a UK technical help team which makes our life easier if we have any issues that may need rectifying for our customers. 

Battery storage is a great way to save ££££’s on your energy bill and although we fit many stand-alone battery systems, they do go hand in hand with a Solar PV installation. Our customers maximise their batteries by using their solar system to charge the batteries in the daytime, ready to use the energy at night when their solar panels will not be producing.


As well as being busy on the Solar side of the company, we have also had our team carrying out a fair few rewires this month. 

This includes one house which has undergone a full renovation consisting of a front, side and rear extension.  Our customers at this property wanted to include a lot of renewables in their renovation, so have expanded their solar to x23 panels and included more battery storage.  They have also had a heat pump installed which will supply the property with heating and hot water from electricity supplied from their PV panels and battery storage. 

Rewires for us are always good for bringing the team together and all getting stuck in.  Banter and laughs a plenty along with lots of hard work.  Team work makes the dream work as they say.

Small works

As always Sean and Bradley have been keeping the small works and emergency call out side of the company ticking over nicely this month. Carrying out alarm services, installing many light fittings, showers, Ring Doorbells, security cameras, Nest thermostats, extra sockets, garden lighting  and fault finding.  This pair surely cover some mileage in a week. 

Office Talk

Talk in the office this month is mainly focused on who is going to win the Elec-Inn football sweepstake.  With teams dropping like flies, a few staff members are already eliminated from the sweepstake.  Kel is convinced she’s on to a winner with her team, she’s already got her eye on a new pair of Nike Airs ready to spend her winnings on.

The office dogs George and Ted have been busy keeping guard (while pretending to be asleep of course) and we are all enjoying them no longer smelling of ‘damp dog’ now that the weather is finally brightening up.

However the big news this month is that we have had our first Elec Inn wedding.  Frazer has married his gorgeous wife Rebecca.  We had a great night celebrating with them at their stunning wedding venue.  We danced the night away and had a fantastic night together as a team.  Many congratualtions to the happy couple.