How much does it cost to have an outside light fitted?

How much does it cost to have an outside light fitted

How much does it cost to have an outside light fitted is a question we are asked all the time.

We are open and transparent about our pricing, so wrote this guide to help you figure out what it might cost to have an outside light fitted at your home.

The 2 main factors in pricing all types of works are Labour and Materials.

More work involved means more labour costs. The types and quantities of materials needed can vary the cost of materials.

So to answer the question, How much does it cost to have an outside light fitted, we need to break this down and have a look at whats involved.

How much does it cost to have an outside light fitted

What materials are needed when fitting and outside light

Firstly, you need the light itself. If you want to know how to choose the right outside flood light check out our guide

You could supply this yourself if you have seen a particular type or style. We always recommend letting your Electrician supply all parts. This makes thing easier when it come to any issues are incorrect parts being supplied, or warranty problems.

Some lights are hard wired directly into the fitting. It is common for LED Security lights to have a pre-wired cable to connect on to. Manufacturers do this as it allows them to increase the IP rating of their light fitting. Which in turn prevents failures due to water ingress.

If this is the case then you will also need a IP Rated external junction box and connector blocks. We like to use the Wiska range.

Fixings are needed, including screws and wall plugs. Possibly cables clips too. Only a small amount are required but if you were to carry out the job yourself you might need to buy a box of each. An electrician would have this on the van already.

The job may also require cable. Is the light going to replace and existing item? Or does it need wiring from new?

You might also need an MCB or RCBO in your consumer unit if a new circuit is being wired


How much does it cost to have an outside light fitted

How long should it take to have an outside light fitted

At Electrical Innovations we price almost all our jobs on fixed costs. This means we estimate in advance how long a job will take. We then give our customers a quotation. A fixed price rather than an hourly rate means every one involved knows what the costs will be in advance.

Replacing an existing light fitting

If we were to install a new light to replace an existing one then it would certainly take less than an hour. Unless of course it was an unusual job.

Wiring in a light from new

In the case that a new light is being wired in we would need to carry out a few checks.

Where is power coming from. Is a new switch required. How do we get a cable to the light.

All of this can effect the length of time it takes to install a new outside light.

Generally, 2-3 hours would cover the average outside light installation.


outside light fitted

Example Outside light jobs and prices

So with all this is mind, How much does it cost to have an outside light fitted?

Over the last year we have fitted lots of outside lights.

Here are some examples of job prices, what we carried out. Also, what we charged.

Fitting a replacement outside light at a property in Littleover.

For this job an existing customer that called us to say their outside light had stopped working.

We were able to attend the job the same day and replace their White Security lantern light for £140 supplied and fitted.

Fitting a RING Floodlight Camera in Draycott

This customer already had the RING Floodlight camera and just needed it installing. A little more set up was required here with getting the Ring system working on the customers smart phone. , We were able to fit a fused spur unit next to a bedroom socket that was behind where the light was to be fitted. The total cost for this was £150

Supply and Fit a new Security floodlight in Derby

We received a call asking how much does it cost to have an outside light fitted at a job in Derby. We asked the customer to send us photos of where they wanted the light fitting to go. They asked for a basic LED Security light that they supplied. No switch was needed and no wiring was needed. The cost for this job was £120


What we charge for installing an outside light

Replace a light supplied by the customer – £120

Supply and replace a 20 watt LED security PIR light – £150

Supply and install a new 20 watt LED Security PIR light with new wiring – £180

If you would like any outside lighting works carried out or just some advice on what would be best for you please call us on 07909833076