How to choose an LED Floodlight that will last

led floodlight

An LED Floodlight, or any outside lighting for that matter, needs to be durable.

One of our most common problems that we are called out to is a failed outside light that is causing your electrics to trip out.

When choosing an LED floodlight or security light, it is important to consider a few different things.

  1. How much light do you need
  2. Is presence detection needed
  3. Whats the price

While these are the main questions that most people ask, it is important to also consider a few items that may not seem obvious.

  1. How has the LED Floodlight been installed
  2. Does it have a warranty
  3. Is the light likely to be damaged

Avoiding the pitfalls of a bad LED Floodlight

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

While is is not always true, it does give an indication as to the quality of the product you are having fitted.

If you head over to screw fix and take a look at the LED Floodlights you will find that you can pick up a 20w LED Floodlight with PIR for around £20

Alternately, you could go for a premium brand like Timeguard and pay 3-4 times that amount for essentially the same item.

But what is the difference?

What makes a good LED Floodlight

Lets take a closer look at these two examples.

The first thing that jumps out is the manufacturers warranty period. 1 year on the LAP light and 3 years on the Timeguard version.

Choose a product with a longer warranty to give you confidence that it will be durable enough for the job.

The next consideration is the IP rating of the light.

An IP rating is how resistant the LED Floodlight is to ingress of moisture or dust. A rating of 44 (in the case of the LAP light) is quite low. Especially for something that is to be fitted outdoors. IP44 means that the light is only suitable for water splashing against it. The timeguard version is IP55 which is protected against jets of water sprayed against the light.

This might seem overkill, but in the case of very heavy rainfall it may be closer to a hose pipe than a sprinkling.

What is important about installing a new light

When having a floodlight installed you should consider its location. If a light is positioned under your soffits or eaves then its going to get less direct rainfall and is likely to last much longer. Where this is not practical, then consider if the light could be moved to a position that is going to be less effected by the elements.

What do we fit

At Electrical innovations we understand that not all jobs are decided on best quality. Sometime best quality for the price is important.

We recommend the Time Guard Rust resistant range. Also their standard range as a more price conscious alternative.

We install LED Floodlights, and all type of lighting inane out of your home. Call our electricians in Derby if you would like a free quote.