This Outside Lighting Electrical job in Chellaston, Derby was a recent call out we received. The customer got in touch with us to ask if we could help with all the internal and  outside lighting going out in the house. 

A quick phone chat followed and it turned out that they were only 2 streets away! The homeowner had searched for a local electrician and we had come up on top.

The fault was reported as all the lights in the house being out and when they turned on the circuit breaker at the fuse board it was tripping out the RCD and turning off power to most of the house. The first thing we always try to do is resolve things over the phone.  Sometime it can be a simple explanation of how to use the consumer unit that can’t save the customer the time and cost of a call out, but in this case everything had already been correctly checked and further investigation was required.   We booked the job in for later the same day as while we were working in Nottingham we could fit it in on the way back into Derby that afternoon. 

How to find an Outside Lighting Fault

 When arriving at the property our electrician was quick to trace the outside lighting fault. The easiest way to find problems is usually asking questions about recent works. It turns out that a previous electrician had fitted some LED Outside lighting only a few weeks before. The customer had contacted him first only to be told that he was unavailable for 2 weeks, and it certainly shouldn’t be the lights as they have been fitted correctly! 

So we set to finding the issue. A quick look at the outside lighting showed us everything we needed to see.  The wiring to the outside lights was traced to a junction box in the loft space, and when disconnected, low and behold, the power stayed on. 

 We left the lights disconnected and recommended the customer get them replaced under warranty that should have been given by their previous electrician. Something tells me we will be called back again in a couple of weeks to replace them! 

It took less than 30 mins for use to diagnose and repair this outside lighting problem and we also fitted a new kitchen light for the customer. 

 While on site I took a photo. Can you guess what the issue was caused by?

The existing cable is bent in such a way that any rain water would run directly into the light.  These lights are designed to be water resistant but the flat grey twin and earth cable is not suitable to be used with the compression gland on the light fitting.  

Need new Outside Lighting? 

The security outside lighting that we fit are IP rated to withstand moisture ingress from even torrential downpours and have a 2 year warranty.  They certainly do not have cable entry that point towards the sky and cables that don’t fit in round holes.  

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