Expert Trades Tool Talk

I am a member of a fantastic community online called Expert Trades. Our customers might have seen the name before on quotes and invoices and the eagle eyes out there might also have spotted the link at to bottom of this website. As part of that group I talk regularly with other electricians that run their own business along with various other trades from all around the uk. Technical advice is shared, product tips are offered and tools are reviewed, and its the tools reviews I want to share with you today.

The Screwfix Pencil review


I want to talk about a new product that changed the way I do business. It has made me more productive, efficient, and knowledgeable. It has even made me taller and better looking.

The Screwfix pencil could be the single biggest development in tool history.

This was obviously tongue in cheek and a lot of fun for me to film. I even managed to balance all the pencils in a single take! There are lots more real tool reviews at done by Expert Trades members and I will be sharing some of my own, and my favourites from other trades so keep an eye out.

If there are any tools or product that you would like to learn more about please get in touch by calling Ben on 07909833076 or filling in our contact form.