Solar PV most frequently asked questions.

So for this blog post I thought I would discuss Solar PV most frequently asked questions.  With the energy prices hiking we have seen a big boom in customers wanting us to carry out Solar PV Installations.  Following a recent information video we released on Tik Tok regarding Solar PV our phone lines and social media accounts have been none stop with enquires and bookings.

So I thought I would give you a run down of the most common questions I have been asked regarding Solar PV.

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The cost and return

The top Solar PV most frequently asked questions that are on everyones lips are the cost and break even time frame. 

Cost  Obviously potential customers need to know if a Solar PV system is within their budget and also if the return will be worth the initial outlay.  The last few systems we have installed have comprised of;

12 x 390w JA Solar all black panels.  Combined with 2 x 5kwh Pure Drive Battery Storage Units to maximise self consumption.  This system comes in at just under £12k.

On average a 4kw Solar install only would cost approx £5-6k

Batteries add another 3/4k depending on the size of them.  Smaller and larger batteries are available to give you a wider choice depending on budget.

How many years will it take to break even? There are quite a few factors that can alter the payback period.  Such as the size of the system, location in the country, angle of the panels on the roof and if positioned towards the South.  Less then 10 years is often achieved and sometimes as low as 5


Why have a battery instead of selling back to the grid?    This is a very good question and one we have been asked a lot.   You will see the biggest returns and shorter payback period if you can use all of the power you generate.  A battery helps with this.  Also in winter you can charge the battery with cheap overnight electricity and use it in the day when rates are higher.

Can I have a battery fitted to an older system that is already installed?  Yes you can.  This is called an AC coupled battery storage system.  



Can panels be fitted on an old roof?   Yes they can.  As long as the roof is in a good state of repair, we can fit panels on any age roof, including flat roofs.

What if I need to have my roof repaired in the future?  The panels can be removed and fitted back up once your repair has been carried out.

How are the panels attached to the roof?  They attach to the roof with brackets that are designed to go under the tiles and screw to the rafters.  They can be lifted and refitted if you were to need a repair carried out on your roof in the future. 

Car charging

Can I charge my car and run my hot tub from my panels?  Yes of cause.  You can purchase a device called an Eddi that can put the surplus energy into your hot tub.  So rather than exporting excess generated power back to the grid as per a standard PV system.  By installing the Eddi Power Diverter, that extra power generation is instead diverted back to heating your hot tub or your home heating systems.

Can I have a car charger fitted at the same time as my Solar PV is installed.   Absolutely, they are great combo to have working together.  We can install a car charging point for approximately £800-£1500.  This is a popular option with many of our customers.  It is very satisfying to see the sun charging your car up for you, no more queuing at the petrol station is always a win.


We live in the UK where we get little sunshine, will our panels work effectively?  Most definitely, even on cloudy days your panels will still produce some energy.

Does the sun need to be shining brightly to generate any energy?  It is good practice to fit a higher powered system than your inverter can cope with.  By doing this you will loose a small amount of energy during peak sunshine hours, however for the rest of the year including on gloomy days you will have a much higher average energy generation.

Panel up keep

Do I need to clean the panels?  To maximise the amount of energy generated, it is recommended that panels are cleaned periodically.

Would I receive a warrenty for the panels?  Yes of cause, the panels have a 25yr Guarantee on them.

Can pigeons be stopped from nesting underneath then panels?  Yes, pigeons can be a real pain, causing damage and mess to the roof.  You can have Pigeon mesh fitted which will prevent them from being able to nest and cause damage and mess to your panels and roof.  The mesh can be fitted at the time of your panel installation or at a later date if you decide it is now required.


Are you qualified to fit Solar Panels?  Absolutely.  As a company we are always keeping our training up to date.

Following on from our ‘Working at Heights’, ‘PASMA’ and ‘Scaffold Training’.  We have since have completed ‘BPEC Solar PV Installation Training’.  This gives us the qualification to install Solar Panels on homes and commercial properties.

We have also completed numerous installer training courses for various Solar Panel manufacturers to ensure that we are up to speed with their particular products.

In summery

So in summery of Solar PV most frequently asked questions.  With the increase in energy prices, Solar PV is looking like a very viable option for a lot of our customers.  Especially those that have large families at home, run hot tubs, have Electric Vehicles to charge and are planning to stay in their current home for the foreseeable future.   

An average 4kw system comprising of 12 panels will come in at an approximate cost of £6k.  This would be repaid back with the electricity you save within  8-10 years. 

The panels are under manufacturer’s warranty for 25 years.  Giving you at least 15 years free energy usage.

I have tried to answer all of the most common questions that I have been asked on social media.  If you have any more queries please do not hesitate to give us a call. 

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