With the energy crisis upon us, this month we have been inundated with requests for Solar PV Surveys.  But something we have noticed, is the uptake from our customers for Battery Storage Installations. Either stand-alone Batteries or combined with Solar PV installations, and what a great idea it is too.  

Why is Battery Storage such a good idea?

When having a Solar PV System installed it’s a very good idea to include Battery Storage at the same time.  Battery Storage allows you to use any excess power generated. This in turn can help to reduce your payback time.  Battery storage works by enabling you to store the excess energy generated from your panels in the day.  This excess energy is then ready for you to use when the panels are inactive at night time.  Battery Storage is a much more economical way to use any excess power generated, rather than selling it back to the grid.

Batteries can be used without having Solar PV

Batteries can be used stand alone, without having any Solar PV installed.  They are a great way of making use of lower nighttime energy tariffs such as ‘Economy ‘.  The batteries will be set to charge between the lower tariff times.  They will then be ready to use in the day when the energy prices are at their highest.


With all of the panic in the news about blackouts that could happen over the winter months.  Battery Storage can be used to help overcome the energy shortages.  By charging your batteries in the daytime either via Solar PV or stand alone.  They will then be full and ready to use come night time if a Blackout occurs.  

Check out this video produced by Battery Storage company Alpha Ess.  We saw the video playing at Alpha ESS Trade Stand at the NEC Solar and Storage Show.   We thought it did a good job at explaining the benefits of Battery Storage during Blackouts.

Solar and Storage Show

In between completing jobs and quoting.  We have also found time to visit the Solar and Storage Show at Birmingham NEC.  It was well worth the visit. We managed to look around all of the 150+ exhibitors.  Along with collecting the obligatory free pens and sweets.  We were able to catch up with some of our regular suppliers who were exhibiting their products.  We also found out lots of information and got hands on with some innovative new Solar items which are coming on the market. 

It's been another good month

Although the weather hasn’t always been kind to us this last month, October has certainly been a good month for us.  Along with our Solar and Battery installation’s, we have also completed numerous callouts and small works including;

  • Zappi EV chargers installed for MA Ford.
  • Kitchen and extension works carried out for CDS Burton Ltd.
  • Inside and outside lighting installed.
  • Various electrical works and a large TV installed for Alvaston Junior Academy.
  •  Fault finding.
  • Numerous EICR’s carried out.
  • Electricity supplied to out buildings and garages.
  • Various works for a new convenience store at Mercia Marina.
  • Numerous bathroom fans were installed.

Wow, it’s now time to plan our Works Christmas get together.   To celebrate how well our company is doing and to say a big thank you to the team for working so hard.  Bring on those Christmas Jumpers.