Within our company, we feel it’s the little things that help to set us apart.   That ensure our customers are happy with our high standard of work.

The little things, the added touches, the extra mile so to speak is what we are proud of and carry out in our day-to-day service.

So what are the extra things we have in place as a company?  The things that ensure our customers have a positive experience. 

Our Office Team

We believe the one thing that sets us apart is having an office team.  A team of dedicated people there to;

  • Book jobs in.
  • Reply to customers.
  • Keep customers updated and informed about their job.
  • Ensure materials are ordered and ready for the day of the job.
  • Ensure jobs run as smoothly as possible.

As often a customer’s first experience with our company, we have ensured our Office Team are friendly and approachable.  Always happy to help and to spend time speaking to customers. 

Our Office Staff are also on hand should any problems occur.  We always hope that jobs run smoothly and our customers are super happy.  But inevitably we occasionally have products that are faulty, or issues crop up.  We feel that if problems are dealt with effectively and efficiently, this helps to make our customers feel well cared for and improves their experience of our company.   

Ben Business Owner
Col Operations Manager
Charl Office Manager
Kel Social Media Manager

Call Center

Inevitably, in our line of work, we are not always able to answer phone calls.  We are often busy on a job or our office team are already on calls.   To refrain from keeping our customers waiting for us, we use a call center to take calls when we are unable to.  The call center is able to take customers’ details and information relating to the nature of the work they require carrying out.  They also help with booking appointments and giving out small work prices.  Our office team are then kept informed, so they are able to get back to our customers.  Using the Call Center reduces customers having to wait to get hold of someone.

Service M8

To help with the smooth running of our business, we use a booking system called Service M8.  This tracks all incoming, present, and completed jobs.  Including all correspondents with customers, quotes, and invoicing.   

Service M8 is a great resource to us and is brilliant at keeping our customers informed at every stage of the job.  It allows us to message customers to remind them of the date and time of their job. As well as sending reminders and updated time frames in the run-up to the job beginning.  This keeps our customers informed of when their electrician will be with them. 

Service M8 is also useful to let customers know if their electrician is caught up in traffic etc.    We believe it is important to keep our customers in the loop about their appointment.

Shoe Covers

We realise how infuriating it is when tradesmen come into your home wearing their dirty work boots.  However, for health and safety reasons, our electricians must have their boots on.  To respect our customer’s homes, we ensure our team carries reusable shoe covers called Muk Guards, ready to put on before entering a customer’s property. 

As a company, we are committed to reducing our plastic waste, so the brand of shoe covers we use are reusable and washable.

Shoe covers to protect customer's flooring.


In order to further protect customers’ carpets, flooring, and work surfaces, we have recently invested in some new extra-large printed work mats. 

These are carried on all the work vans.  We use these in conjunction with dust sheets, to put tools on.  They help to ensure our customers’ property is protected from dust and debris which is inevitably caused by the work being carried out. 

Work Mat

Sign written vans and uniforms

As a company, we are very proud that our vans and employees look smart and presentable.  We feel it is important that the team wear logged work wear and arrive at a customer’s house in a sign-written van.  We believe this ensures the customer feels safe, knowing we are from the company we say we are.  Being presentable also gives a professional image and shows we care about the image of our company and the work we carry out.

work wear
Sign written vans

DBS cheked

All of our team are DBS checked.  As well as carrying out a lot of work for schools for which a DBS is a requirement, we feel it is important that all of our staff who are in contact with customers are checked.  This helps to give customers peace of mind when the team are coming out to your home.

Friendly trustworthy staff

As our team members are the face of our company, we pride ourselves on hiring staff who are a great fit for our business.  This includes ensuring our staff are not only good electricians, but are most importantly trustworthy.  We hire staff who will be kind, considerate, and helpful to our customers.   I think we have mastered this, as our team receive outstanding reviews, always complimenting them on how polite and helpful they are.

Fast turn around

Due to having the call center and our office team to book work in, we always try to get work completed as fast as possible.  We have a team of 7 employees who work on-site.  We try where possible to keep at least one team member who has free time to carry out emergency work and call-outs daily.  This helps to ensure our customers are not kept waiting for us if they have an emergency.

We continue to grow

As a company, we have worked hard over the years to put all of these ‘little things’ in place, to help to set us apart.   We are committed to ensuring our customers are happy with our work and willing to recommend us.  As they say, ‘you can’t beat word of mouth’.

As we continue to grow, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience.  But for now, I feel we are doing a pretty good job.