Built in LED vs a separate Lamp. What is best?

Built in LED vs a separate Lamp

It is common now for light to come with a built in LED rather than a separate lamp. However, a built in LED vs a separate Lamp. What is best?

LED technology has for a long time been common and cheap enough to use in the home. We are now faced with a choice between a light fitting with a separate bulb, or a built in LED.

The main advantage of an integrated LED Light is that they are designed to work this way.

Built in LED vs a separate Lamp

LED Designs

When using a lamp, the LED design is restricted by the form factor of the lamp or bulb that is to be used.

For example, a standard BC light bulb to be used in a house needs to fit in the shape of an existing bulb holder.

A GU10 Downlight bulb would died to fit in the downlight fitting.

A light fitting with an integrated LED will have less restrictions

Built in LED advantages

Heat is the most common cause of LED failure. A build in LED will be designed in a way that would allow more heat to be dispersed.

This has some major advantages

Due to being designed with additional heat loss they are more reliable. Light fittings with build in LED’s will have a larger and more effective heat sink. This will disperse heat efficiently and create a much more reliable and long lasting light.

Not being constrained to the form factor of a tradition bulb means a wider spread of light is achievable. The diffuse and reflector in the fitting has more space available to give a wider beam.

An integrated light can be brighter than an equivalent lamp due both of the above reasons.


Advantages of a standard bulb

Using a standard replaceable build will indeed allow you to replace only the bulb if the LED fails.

If a high quality bulb is fitted in the first place then you will get a long life. It is more often that a lower quality bulb if installed and customers then complain of repeatedly changing the bulbs.

Look for a quality branded bulb to fit and not just a supermarket own brand. Phillips, Aurora and Osram are all

A note on warranty’s

When looking at the different options with a Built in LED vs a separate Lamp you will find manufacturers claim long life and warranties. This can range anything from 25,000 to 100,00 hours of use.

Take this with a pinch of salt and instead look for a high quality manufacturer with 3-5 year warranty.

We use the following products and are very happy with the performance and life

Ansell Prisim Downlights
BELL Lighting Slimline LED bulkhead lights
Timeguard Floodlights