How much is an EICR report

The price of an EICR is variable from job to job due to the nature of the inspections. However, the question of how much is an EICR report is easy to clear up with a few guidelines and examples. 

On this post, we will go over what can affect the price of an electrical inspection.

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How much is a domestic EICR report

The price of an average domestic EICR on a 3 or 4-Bedroom house with a single consumer unit of fewer than 10 circuits we would charge is between £150-£250

A smaller property with fewer circuits will cost less.  

Larger properties with more work involved, additional consumer units and outbuildings will all increase the price. 

How are domestic electrical reports priced

There are many ways to set prices for an electrical inspection. 

Some electrical companies will have a flat rate for a report for various property sizes. 

Others will base a price on the initial set up of paperwork, with additional costs per circuit.  For example, you would pay £100 + £25 per circuits.  In this case, a condition report at a property with an 8-way consumer unit would cost £300.  This method of ‘price per circuit’ is more common in commercial works.  

Its is common to have discounts for the number of reports.  A landlord might expect to make a saving by having multiple locations inspected at once. 


what is EICR testing

How much is a commercial EICR report

For commercial electrical safety checks, the price of an EICR report is going to depend on the size of the installation.

Some business properties have hundreds of circuits. A small café may have two consumer units. One for the shop front and another for the kitchen.  The number of circuits affects the price of the reports. 

Other factors to take into account are access to the property and working hours to avoid disruption.  

Pricing for a commercial EICR

You will pay anything between £10 and £50 per circuit for a report on your business property.

A small 3 phase consumer unit in a workshop, with no unusual requirement for working hours or access, would be £15-20 per circuit. 

A large site, with an old installation, will cost more. 

Having to identify circuits to test will take additional time so having previous records could save costs. 

A newer installation, with each working access and up to date records and previous EICR’s would lower the price per circuit. 

Be aware that many companies are quoting bottom end prices.  They may be using cheap unqualified labour to carry out the report and taking shortcuts on what checks should be made.   It is also common for the money to be made up in the rates charged for repairs.

How you can lower prices

To ensure you get a good deal for your installation report you should give as much information as possible when requesting a quote. 

The more information an electrician has when pricing a job, the more accurate his quote can be.  

Photos of your consumer units.  previous records and instructions on access and working times will all be helpful. 

Do you need more help? 

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