What is EICR testing

If you are looking to find out what is EICR testing then we will show you the in’s and outs.

EICR Testing is an investigation and report on your Electrical Installation. EICR stands for Electrical Installation condition report and replaced the old Periodic inspection report

Here you will learn what EICR testing is. The requirements, how it takes place, and what happens after a test.

What is EICR Testing and why have it done

As suggested by its name, this is a report into the condition of your electrical installation. This is not a certificate. It provides and in-depth assessment of the condition in relation to the current wiring regulations.

The main purpose of this report is to investigate and show, so far as is reasonably practicable, any factors that could impair the safety of the installation.

  • Safety against the effects of electric shock and burns
  • Protection of property and against fire and heat damage caused by defects
  • Confirmation that the electrical installation is not damaged or deteriorated
  • Identification of non-compliance with BS7671 Wiring Regulations


what is EICR testing

EICR testing. Is it a requirement?

This report is an important document. An EICR is a legal requirement in some instances. However, even where not mandatory, EICR’s show compliance with many other legal and statutory requirements.

For example, when a mortgage company asks for evidence of the condition of a buildings electrical wiring system. The EICR report will provide this evidence.

Likewise, when running a business. An EICR will provide evidence that you conform with the Health and Safety at work requirements.

Who can do an inspection

Persons must be competent and skilled to complete an EICR

To begin with, they must have sufficient knowledge of the electrical regulations and electrical installations.

Secondly, they must be skilled in the safe use of test instruments. Finally, they must have sound knowledge of the type of installation to be inspected.

How does EICR testing take place

An EICR takes place in the following stages.

  1. The client contacts us to request an EICR
  2. A quotation is issued and, once accepted, an appointment booked.
  3. Our Electricians arrive to carry out the report
  4. Fixed electrical items have a visual inspection
  5. The report includes details of the installation
  6. Testing of circuits take place
  7. Defects are recorded on the report
  8. The client receives the completed report
an eicr tester

What happens after EICR testing has been done

After an electrical inspection the EICR will have a SATISFACTORY or UNSATISFACTORY result.

Observations noted on the report are given a code related to the severity.

  • C1 – Safety issue that requires immediate attention
  • C2 – Could lead to a safety issue
  • C3 – Does not comply with current regulations
  • FI – A problem is found that could not be traced on this report

A Satisfactory outcome will not include any C1, C2 or FI issues listed.

After an EICR testing has been carried out, if an unsatisfactory report has been made, some remedial works are needed.

Who needs to carry out remedial works?

Remedial works that are required can be carried out by anyone. However, to obtain a satisfactory result you would need certificates that reference the original report and details that the observations have been resolved.

A new EICR would not be issued. The unsatisfactory report along with certificates of completed observations is enough.

Do you need any more help?

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We can also carry out your EICR works. Call out team on 01332 498130 for advice or a quote