If you need to know how often do you need an EICR report, the first place to look is a sticker on your consumer unit.  

Following an EICR, the inspector will attach a label with a date of next inspection. 

However, if you carry on reading we will tell you everything you need to know about EICR frequencies

How often should I have my house tested

Every 10 years – The interval of Periodic Inspection and Testing in a domestic property, for instance your home.

This can be sooner due to  number of reasons, such as, after a change of ownership.

Other reasons to have an EICR sooner is after a flood or fire. 

Having an inspection prior to any major works on the electrical system will assess the suitability for amendments and additions.

If you are planning an extension. Or upgrading your consumer unit this would be a good time to have an inspection.


what is EICR testing

How often do I need an electrical report for my business

How often do you need and EICR report?  This is a question you need to know the answer to if you are a business owner. Maybe you know that you need an inspection, but are unsure how often.

Every 5 Years – The inspection interval in a commercial property

A commercial property is any type of business location.  A bar, Hotel, office or workshop are all types of commercial property.

The condition of the installation and use of the building may affect these intervals. 

Its is always at the inspector’s discretion to choose an appropriate next test date. 

Generally, the average office building, or retail outlet will have an EICR or fixed wire testing at the longest interval of every 5 years. 

5-Year electrical testing.

You might know an EICR as only a 5 Year electrical Test. It is common that Electrical Installation Condition reports are known by many names.  

Typical business and workplaces that need 5 year inspects are:

  • Commercial office blocks
  • Bar, restaurants and hotels
  • Education facilities such as schools and universities
  • laboratires
  • Hospitals, Doctors and dentist surgeries
  • Events centres, community halls and churches
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • HMO’s and Student halls. 

Annual and 3-Year Electrical Testing

Certain environments require shorter testing intervals. Routine inspections are required more frequently in the following locations: 

  • Spa, Swimming and Leisure facilities
  • Caravan and Caravan Parks
  • Theaters, Cinemas and places of public entertainment
  • Medical locations in hospitals and clinics
  • Marinas
  • Laundrettes and petrol stations

How often does a rental propery need inspecting?

Until recently there was no requirement for rental properties to have an EICR. 

This changed in 2020. The government introduced mandatory EICR’s to all rental properties. 

Landlords must have electrical testing carried out every 5 years. 

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Do you need any more help?

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